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The Bribe Book 2 - Part One

The Bribe, Book Two

Author : Fenchurch
Warnings: Slavefic so NC-17
Beta: My own Goddess47 to whom be all thanks and praise.

Thank you all so much for being patient. I'm afraid that this is still very much a WIP and updates will happen sporadically, but at least I'm writing again!!

The first book starts here if you want to go back and read that!

Story so far…
Rodney made one big mistake in his life; one that nearly cost the life of a member of SG-1, and he is now a slave. He was offered to Major John Sheppard as a bribe to influence his decision to go to Atlantis, Sheppard accepted him because he thought Rodney needed saving. In the run up to departure Sheppard has learned that slave ownership is not as easy as it looks!
At the end of Book One, they made it through the gate.

Chapter One

Rodney managed to slip into the Gate Room and stay there unnoticed. It wasn’t that he was banned as such, it was just that he hadn’t been ordered to go there and he was sure that someone would notice him soon and order him away. He just hoped that he could stick around until his Master came home.

Earlier that day he had missed his Master coming back with the Pegasus Natives and had merely heard about it from Dr Zelenka. With all the excitement of the city rising to the surface and the appraisal of the damage afterwards, Rodney hadn’t had time to think until now. Apparently the Major had been soundly chewed out by Dr Weir but Rodney saw the gesture for what it was – his Master being an honourable man who couldn’t help helping people. Now he waited, chewing his nails, for news of the success or failure of the rescue mission.

He wished he had been there when the Major had been introduced to the Gateships. It seemed that the things just spoke to his Master and the pilot had had no problems at all with flying off to rescue the missing Marines and those Alsatians... or whatever. Rodney was thrilled, however, that he was not facing the Wraith in any capacity... not after what Carson had told him about their regenerative abilities and their apparent superhuman strength.

“Gate Activation!” Dr Grodin announced. “It’s Major Sheppard, ma’am.”

For the next few minutes all was chaos and damage as the shots from what he assumed were the pursuing Wraith hit walls and machines in the Gateroom as the ‘puddlejumper’ shot through, halting to a dead stop at incredible breaking power and causing no upset to the passengers inside. The shield was raised immediately and the ship floated serenely to the ceiling.

A large part of Rodney was itching to explore that ship and learn about its incredible inertial dampeners but the rest of him just wanted to find out if his Master, whom he had briefly glimpsed in the front window of the ship, was all right. It was horrible having to wait until the free people had finished speaking since all he wanted to do was to run up to the Major and check that he was unharmed but he had to hang back and watch as the Major and a Pegasus native woman, wearing next to nothing, climbed the stairs.

Half-way up, the Major halted and looked around. His eyes met those of his slave and Rodney was astonished to find himself summoned to his Master’s side. He didn’t waste any precious seconds and ran up the steps to kneel awkwardly at his Master’s side.

“Hell, Rodney, you don’t have to kneel all the time, especially not on steps!” the Major grinned but his voice was laced with tiredness. “Come on up with me,” he continued and led his slave into the room Elizabeth had claimed as an office.

“Are there any… problems?” the Major asked as he sat in one of the chairs in front of the desk. “I mean with the city rising?”

Sgt Bates and Lt Ford took seats next to the Major and Dr Weir invited the Warrior woman to sit next to her. Rodney, of course, knelt next to his Master’s chair and he placed his head on his Master’s thigh, hoping to offer some comfort.

“Ask Rodney,” Dr Weir suggested. “He did some very fast work with Dr Grodin running diagnostics and checking everything.”

For a moment Rodney basked in the approval and praise he was receiving from his Master but he quickly answered the question.

“The shield can still be used a little, Master, but it won’t hold out against a full attack. The generators are functioning though and we have enough power to ensure survival… and even hot showers.”

“Good… that’s good,” the Major sounded relieved. He turned to Dr Weir and began giving his verbal report.

Hearing what happened was a mixed blessing for Rodney. On the one hand, it meant that he got to hear the whole report without having to pick up the story from overhearing the scientists talking about it. There was no way he would ever be able to interrogate his Master, so the only way to have accurate information was to hear it like this.

On the other hand, what his Master described was frankly horrific. Wraith Queens who guarded space vampires who sucked life out with their hands… with any luck he would never have to encounter one in the flesh.

“The main dilemma we have though, Ma’am, is... Col Sumner...” the Major admitted, his hand finding the back of Rodney’s neck and gripping a little tighter than strictly necessary. “I shot him.”

“You said that the Queen had learned about Earth?” Sheppard nodded. “Then it was the only course of action.”

“You believe me?”

“Of course!” Elizabeth’s eyebrows shot up, then she nodded. “John... I need a clear chain of command and I do not need you put out of action, not when it is clear that you shot the Colonel after he had been...” she grimaced “fed on and after he gave you the order. I will interview Ford and Bates and... uh...”

“Teyla Emmagen, daughter of Tagaan of Athos.” The leather-clad warrior-lady announced fiercely and Rodney was amused to see the young lieutenant look rather impressed.

“I shall talk to Teyla Emmagen later, too, to verify facts, but on the face of it, it seems that you have done a good job. Now, we have a celebration to organise, you need to be checked out by Dr Beckett, we need to find places to stay for all our guests and you all need to clean up. Rodney informed me earlier that we have showers, so I suggest you use them!”

The Major stood and saluted his civilian CO, then helped Rodney to his feet. Together they headed towards the infirmary.

“You ok?” the Major asked and Rodney beamed.

“I’m not the one who faced death today, Master! I’m... I’m so glad you made it back.”

His Master ruffled his head and tried to sound up-beat. “I’m the original bad penny! Come on, med check, then showers, then food!”

Part Two
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