fenchurch1 (fenchurch1) wrote,

It moved!

Title: It moved!

Author: Fenchurch

Genre: McShep Romance

Just a silly, random drabble that I couldn't writing when I first felt mine move last week!


“Sheppard! Sheppard!”

John swatted his ear and sighed. “What’s up Rodney?”

“It moved!” Came the shriek in his ear and John grinned even as he winced.

“You’re only seventeen weeks, Rodney, you shouldn’t be able to feel it for another couple of weeks,” John told him with all the superiority of a man who had read all the websites.

“I felt it! I asked Teyla and she said that the fluttery feeling… that was the baby moving!”

John grinned to hear the wonder and joy in his lover’s voice and began moving in the direction of the labs.

“Did you take your iron this morning?”

“Yes John!”

“And the pre-natal tablets?”

“Not till this evening! You know that!”

“Just… just taking care of my baby,” John smiled and pretended not to notice the grins on the faces of the men and women he passed.

“Just the baby?”

“Sorry, should have said ‘babies’!”

“I can’t believe you just said that!”

It's Horrible Having to Wait
Tags: 'it's' series - pregancy drabbles, humour, mcshep

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